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Advanced Equipment

Beifang Teaching Aid R&D Center covers an area of 30,000㎡,it is a leading brand in China, the intelligent assembly line’s annual output over 6,000 units, including internal combustion engine models, hybrid power, hydrogen energy, electric energy, driverless technology, Intelligent network connection and else, suitable for vocational education.


Research and development of nearly a thousand national patents independently


Driverless training platform


Textbook Editing and Publishing Department


Self-edited teaching materials, ingenuity and education

Provide a full set of teaching materials & online course

The Beifang Textbook R&D Center develops practical textbooks on its own, and the textbooks are updated regularly every year, so that students can always keep pace with new energy driverless high-end technology. Adhere to the principle of being close to the market, close to employment, close to the industry, and close to students.

Free teacher training

There is a strong and high-level faculty team composed of auto repair experts, first-line auto repair engineers, experienced auto repair technicians, and auto R&D personnel. The teaching method realizes the integration of technicians and students, integration of positions and courses.


You set up an auto repair major, everything is done by me


After the training is qualified, holding the certificate can be employed


BYD Qin Power Battery Pack Mechanism


Corolla chassis system working principle

Supporting online teaching

Beifang Vocational Education relies on strong teachers and teaching resources to carefully build a "smart vocational education" online course platform for students. Practical operation of new energy vehicles, common car failures and maintenance, car maintenance knowledge and other mass quality video courses are all available, technical masters video diagnosis guides car repairs, all-round improvement of auto repair skills, mobile learning, and future career!

Auto teaching aids, we are professional