Bulldozer simulation training model

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Motor: AC380V

Power: 1.5KW 1500r/min;

Variable vane pump: rated flow 8ml/r;

Rated pressure: 6.3Mpa;

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Bulldozer simulation training model


Motor: AC380V

Power: 1.5KW 1500r/min;

Variable vane pump: rated flow 8ml/r;

Rated pressure: 6.3Mpa;

Bulldozer simulation training model


Bulldozers are engineering machinery often used in earthwork. It is mainly used to level the ground, level the construction site, accumulate loose materials, and remove obstacles in the work area. The hydraulic bulldozer simulation model has the advantages of small size, light weight, convenient operation and long-distance operation. Its purpose is to guide students to actively think, innovate design, and cultivate students' comprehensive design ability and practical ability. A new type of comprehensive experimental platform equipment.

1. The electrical operation control is side-mounted, and the hydraulic station is placed at the bottom of the hydraulic platform. The overall structure is compact and coordinated, beautiful, and strong.

2. The training device is made of cold-rolled steel plate (treated by matt spray paint);

3. The hydraulic bulldozer is made according to the physical structure and reduced scale to simulate the on-site operation, which can truly reflect the actual working conditions of the machine, so that students can understand the structure and working principle of each mechanical component in practice;

4. The components adopt pressure-resistant hoses, the hydraulic components adopt domestic brands in China, and the pump station adopts variable vane pumps.

5. With three-phase leakage protection, output voltage 380v, 50Hz, with leakage protection, electrical control adopts DC 24v, with overvoltage and overcurrent protection, to prevent misoperation from damaging the equipment;

Training Contents

1. The structure and working principle of hydraulic transmission and components;

2. Demonstration control experiment of hydraulic bulldozing machinery;

3. Demonstration control experiment of hydraulic bulldozer

4. Shoveling action of hydraulic bulldozer;

5. Earth-moving action of hydraulic bulldozer;

6. Unloading action of hydraulic bulldozer;

7. The hydraulic bulldozer returns when it is empty;



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